1. Collaborate
  2. You may delete and alter someone elses text
  3. The story has to have a running narrative
  4. The story does not have to be linear
  5. You may write more than one line in a row. But no more than three
  6. You decide when it ends.
  7. Be aware that the audience is watching...



“Now that we are friends, I must tell you...”

?? Characters in the scene.


They met first year in uni, about three months ago now. It had been a coincidence, the way they’d grown closer and eventually ended up spending every day together. They’re best friends now, probably, but there was still something...

She struggled with the idea of ‘best friends,’ and knowing what differentiated friends from best friends from something else -- when had they crossed that line, exactly? Possibly two weeks after they first met, when her best friend kissed her cheek before they went their separate ways at the end of the day. But then again, maybe this was normal for her. She did not want to draw any conclusions that could mess up a close friendship, she’d rather silently suffer than to lose her. 

And they were too busy anyway; who had the time to sit there and analyse their own feelings all night? She’d occupy herself with deadlines and coursework until the thoughts started creeping back in again. No matter how hard she tried, the feelings always came back. Even when she didn’t think about them for a few hours or even a day, her best friend always came back on her mind in a way that was... perhaps different from the way she thought about her other friends.

As semesters past, seasons change and hours passed by. This feeling she has seemed to never change, it’s getting harder to ignore them now. Summer apart seems to make her think about her best friend a lot more.


[01:27] from: Victoria

Are you up


[01:28] from: Sarah

Half, at most


[01:28] from: Victoria

Enough to talk to me?


[01:28] from: Sarah



[01:29} from: Victoria

Can’t sleep... :(


Incoming call from Sarah


“Why can’t you sleep?” Sarah immediately asked.

Victoria, completely unprepared, wasn’t sure what to say.
After a silence, Sarah continued, “I can talk first, if you want.”

“yes , please,” Victoria whispered, happy for the escape.

“Well, today I cleaned my room, then went out for Thai food, also did you know  a cloud could weigh up to more than a million pounds?”

“That sounds impossible,” Victoria replied, slightly slurring her words as she shifted in her bed. She imagined white summer clouds in the sky and could not wrap her head around any weight they would carry.

Sarah hums on the other side of the line. “I know, right? It seems insane, and yet, according to science, it’s true.”


Their silences were never awkward, and yet Victoria felt a sense of anticipation in the lack of words from Sarah. Her gut feeling was never wrong.

“Now that we’re friends, I...” Sarah hesitated. “I wanna tell you something.”

“Oh?” Victoria asked, suddenly feeling a bit more awake.

“Promise you won’t make fun of me?”

“I promise.”
“What if I was a dragon in my past life?” Sarah almost too comically seriously asked.

Victoria wasn’t sure what she’d expected, but it wasn’t this. She didn’t bat an eye before replying. “Well... I would still befriend you? Dragons are cool I guess, but you know they don’t exist right”

“So you think dragons are nonexistent just like the probability of you liking me back, non platonically?” Sarah said in a hurry and immediately hung up.

“What the...” Victoria whispered, staring at her phone in shock.

She looked at her Recent Calls list for a few seconds before hovering her thumb above Sarah’s name.

Sarah picked up within a second. A few moments of white noise before they both started. “So...”

“Uhh, hi-”

“You go first.”

“Dragons are cool right.”


“Sarah... I like you too”


Heart pounding Victoria’s words could not keep up with the pace of her mind and heart. She sighed at this best friend of hers, and finally let out a stupid smile and laughs.

“I like you too, you dumbass and also dragons”

“I know I’m the one saying it and I don’t wanna sound arrogant or anything, but... Yeah, they’re pretty fucking awesome,” Sarah laughed.

“You’re an idiot, why do I have a crush on you” She let out an exasperated sigh, but couldn’t help the smile on her face.

“You’re telling me, I was ready to be rejected”

Victoria let out a relieved laugh and gathered all her thoughts.

“Want to talk about us over breakfast pancakes?” Victoria asked.

“Can’t I come over now” Sarah whined.

“No you need sleep, I don’t want you passing out on our first date”


“... Which is why I’ll come over to yours. Romance isn’t dead and we’ll have pancakes but I need you to sleep.”

Sarah cheers through the phone, quietly chanting “pancakes pancakes pancakes!” to not wake up the rest of her family.



[writer 1] : feel free to start, first sentence is intimidating

[writer 1] : if you move your cursor I’m assuming you’re gonna write

[writer 3] : oh no

[writer 2] : I’ll write the last, so after the second?

[writer 2] : whoever it is

[writer 3] : Wait what do you mean “knowing when theyd crossed that line”

[writer 1] : let me rewrite it

[writer 3] : Ohhh

[writer 3] : ambigious relationships~

[writer 3] : oh no

[writer 3] : ambiguous relationships ~

[writer 3] :[writer 2] : I’ll write the last, so after the second?“ ur time to shine? <3

[writer 2] : How the fuck did we end up with a seemingly one sided pining story

[writer 3] : My first thought after reading the prompt was “dragons!!” so id say one sided pining is at least easier

[writer 1] : at least it’s not murder

[writer 3] : also true

[writer 1] : what should their majors be?

[writer 3] : plants

[writer 1] : botany girls

[writer 2] : of course

[writer 1] : feel free to change the name

[writer 3] : Wait ive lost whose turn it is

[writer 2] : you

[writer 1] : doesn’t matter just continue

[writer 2] : and yes please change the name

[writer 3] : I already have to come up w the second one you change it

[writer 1] :[writer 3] : I already have to come up w the second one you change it“ no, loophole!!

[writer 2] : whos the sad pining friend?

[writer 1] : victoria

[writer 1] : not sarah <3

[writer 2] : I’m so confused

[writer 2] : pining victoria

[writer 1] : I’m so confused

[writer 3] : Wait same

[writer 2] : Wait what

[writer 2] : u do it not me

[writer 1] : im laughing

[writer 2] : The way Sarah is always awake... same

[writer 2] : writer 3 ur turn

[writer 3] : noooo I did the last sentence

[writer 1] : writer 2,,,

[writer 1] : i wanna have sarah say the prompt line but idk what she reveals after

[writer 3] : married with 5 kids

[writer 2] : she’s in love with someone else. Gasp

[writer 1] : less projecting more writing

[writer 2] : go down writer 3’s dragon route

[writer 2] : plot twist

[writer 1] : Omg

[writer 1] : She’s a shape shifter

[writer 3] : I vote for dragons

[writer 1] : Star crossed lovers a la Romeo and Juliet

[writer 3] : who in Romeo and Juliet would be the dragon

[writer 2] : Juliet duh

[writer 2] : also that fact still makes me go owo

[writer 3] : “human names do not matter I am an immortal dragon”

[writer 1] : I wanna be a cloud

[writer 3] :[writer 2] : also that fact still makes me go owo” same

[writer 2] : Like damn you’d think they be light and fluffy

[writer 1] : but you can go through clouds they’re not even an actual object

[writer 2] : then why is it so heavy???

[writer 3] : water

[writer 1] : Volume

[writer 3] : in tiny droplets form

[writer 2] : I asked my brother this yesterday when I was cloud watching and it just doesn’t make sense

[writer 2] : nooo I don’t wanna know that clouds are in fact wet

[writer 2] : they marshmallow

[writer 1] : Can I continue whose turn is it

[writer 2] : gooo

[writer 2] : u go

[writer 1] : What route do we wanna take

[writer 2] : are we seriously going dragons?

[writer 1] : Dragon in past life?

[writer 2] : sure

[writer 2] : writer 3?

[writer 1] : They should have a whole conversation about dragons and at the end Sarah adds “oh also, I have a crush on u”

[writer 1] : Unless we wanna make it sad

[writer 3] :[writer 1] : Unless we wanna make it sad” no more murder

[writer 3] : that’s all I care abt

[writer 2] : “dragons are nonexistent just like the probability of you liking me back”

[writer 1] : hello?? Write that in the document thank u

[writer 1] : Would You Still Love Me If I Was A Dragon

[writer 1] : no why would she hang up oh my god

[writer 2] : CALL BACK

[writer 2] : PANIC DUH

[writer 1] : THATS DUMB

[writer 1] : but valid

[writer 2] : experience

[writer 2] : gooo someone

[writer 1] : writer 3 <3

[writer 1] : my head empty

[writer 2] : PANCAKES

[writer 1] : go for it!

[writer 3] : summary: one of them is a dragon and they shall have pancakes

[writer 1] : theyre still calling

[writer 1] : are they gonna make pancakes separately or

[writer 3] : meet up at idk 2am to make pancakes

[writer 3] : writer 2 are you saying you’d give up pancakes for sleep

[writer 3] : sounds fake but okay

[writer 3] : thank u for fixing it writer 1

[writer 1] : DONE

[writer 2] : THE END

[writer 3] : doneee